“Am I Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment?” – You Asked, We Answered

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At Truro and Area Docbraces, patients often contact our office wondering if they have missed their window of opportunity to receive orthodontic treatment. They think they might be too old to have braces or it’s too late to come up with a plan to achieve the straight, healthy smile they have always dreamed of.

The truth is, with few exceptions, no one is too old for orthodontic treatment. Our Truro Orthodontist and Smile Team often say, “you’re never too old to get the smile of your dreams!”.

Technological Advances In Orthodontic Treatments

These days, with advances in oral care and orthodontic treatments, people take better care of their teeth, and begin healthy oral care habits at a young age. This results in people having healthier teeth, and that orthodontic treatments are available well into the later years in life. In fact, many retired people decide on orthodontic treatment because they have time and money to invest in themselves; they think, “why not?”.

Adult Braces and Invisalign Are For Any Age

Generally speaking, adults are great candidates for braces and other orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign. Some adults may desire a more discreet option to get the smile they’ve always dreamed of. Fortunately, at Truro and Area Docbraces, we also offer Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces! In fact – we’re an Invisalign Top 1% Provider!

Adults usually have many of the same treatment options as young people. But one of the advantages of being an adult and having braces or undergoing orthodontic treatments is that they approach it with more commitment. In other words, they are likely to be more dedicated to cleaning and following through with instructions. For orthodontists, adults can be wonderful patients!

Call Truro and Area Docbraces For A FREE Orthodontic Consultation

If it is later in life and you are considering finally going ahead and getting the orthodontic treatment you’ve always wanted, we recommend coming in for a FREE consultation. We treat adults all the time and we often hear how excited our adult patients are to finally get the smile they’ve always dreamed of! In our opinion, it is never too late to achieve oral health and a beautiful smile.

If you are in the Truro or surrounding areas and are interested in finding out what orthodontic treatment options are available to you, give Dr. Johnston and the Truro and Area Docbraces Team a call, or fill out our online form to book a FREE Orthodontic Assessment. We are happy to help!

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