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Did you know that October is National Orthodontic Health Month? Meanwhile – many families are stocking up on sugar for trick-or-treaters and Halloween parties. Things can become tricky for many kids (and adults!) who may not be able to have all of the same candy their friends are enjoying.

For optimal dental health in general, it’s best to stay away from sugary treats and desserts, but Halloween may seem particularly tricky for those with braces. Here at Truro and Area Docbraces, we want to make the season less scary by explaining which treats to avoid, and also letting you know about some braces-friendly snacks to help you stay in the Halloween spirit!

Candy that Kids with Braces Should Avoid

First let’s go over the candy that patients with braces should avoid – to stay out of sticky situation and steer clear of an extra trip to the orthodontist to fix a broken wire or bracket. Sticky, chewy candy like taffy, caramels, gum and gummy bears are candy that we like to call “BRACE BUSTERS”!  They get stuck in your braces, prove very difficult to remove with cleaning and tug problematically on brackets, bands and wires.

Biting into hard candy, candy containing hard nuts, candied apples, and peanut brittle can pop off brackets and break wires.

Popcorn, including popcorn balls, should also be avoided, as its kernels and pieces can get lodged in your braces.

Braces Friendly Snacks for Halloween

With all of that said, there are still plenty of braces friendly snacks for orthodontic patients to enjoy during the Halloween season. Most of these suggestions still contain sugar, so it’s important to remember moderation and to brush your teeth soon after eating them, to avoid cavities, discolouration, and other dental mishaps.

Soft sweets like peanut butter cups and chocolate candies are fairly safe for braces, because they aren’t chewy or overly hard. The usual braces friendly snacks like milkshakes and ice cream are also great options, especially if they’re served in a fun Halloween themed glass or bowl! Soft baked goods like cake, brownies, or pumpkin pie are also opportunities to keep the Halloween spirit without damaging your braces.

The American Association of Orthodontists has even compiled some “scary good” recipes to help those with braces enjoy the holiday as much as everyone else!

The Truro and Area Docbraces Candy Buy-Back!

To keep your beautiful smiles safe from brace-buster candy, we’ve introduced our “Candy Buy-Back” for all of our patients. Simply bring in the candy you can’t eat, and we’ll give you $2/pound! PLUS – we’ll be donating $1/pound to charity.

Happy Halloween from Your Truro Orthodontist

From all of us at Truro and Area Docbraces, have a safe and fun-filled Halloween! Wishing you a spook-tacular holiday with your family and friends!


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